February…come and gone

Posts have been a bit thin here recently. Unfortunately, there is not much to report. I was hoping for something to say for February, but no….

To get more specific, February 2016 marked the third time that I had participated in the Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) program. As you may recall, this is a national program run by Canadian Blood Services, to “mix-and-match” incompatible donor-recipient pairs in order to produce a greater number of compatible living-donor kidney transplants across Canada. Two people are willing to donate to me, but neither is directly compatible. In the ideal scenario, through our participation, one of my donors would donate to someone else and the incompatible would-be donor of that someone else, who happens to be compatible with me, would donate to me.

Three times I have participated in this program, and three times a match has failed to be produced. So, I’m left alone with my thoughts, wondering how long I have to wait. And there is a weightiness to that waiting, too. When I learned about the LDPE program, I initially thought that a match would come in short order. Now, I wonder if it might work for me at all, and I also wonder whether I will have to wait for the rather heavy prospect of anticipating that a suitable donor will come out of the tragedy of someone’s death, who knows how many years from now.

Still, with all the waiting and the accompanying weightiness, I continue to find reasons to be grateful. Etsuko and I were able to get away for a few days and drive down south to a (slightly) warmer climate early in February, and on the way back we stopped in Ohio and visited some old friends from our Japan mission days. We were hosted well, and whether in a hotel or in a friend’s home, I was able to set up my equipment for dialysis as needed. It was a bit of a hassle, but we got it figured out. It’s nice to not be housebound.

So, while I am taught a lesson in patience that I’d rather not experience, I am thankful for the many positive things that persist in my life.

To close off this post, I’m attaching a video of U2’s “40,” a version of Psalm 40, which expresses an attitude of both hopeful waiting and gratitude. It seemed appropriate.



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