Lucky to have kidney disease…?

No one wants to have a vital organ cease functioning, but on balance, kidney failure is perhaps a less critical situation than the failure of other organs. I invite you to read this article about a young woman, also a resident of London, Ontario, who is dealing with a diseased liver. Jillian Di Bernardo, age 28, has had a number of relatives and friends who have had themselves tested, but all have been found to be incompatible. Unless a compatible donor, deceased or living, is found, she will die. Unlike kidney disease, there is no equivalent to dialysis, no long-term alternative to a failing kidney.

Please read this and then consider if you might be able to be a living donor. Irrespective of whether that is a choice for you, no one needs their organs once they have died, so please consider registering as an organ and tissue donor. In Ontario, go to to verify your registration.


Londoner Jillian Di Bernardo, 28, turned to social media to find a donor for a liver transplant

Jillian Di Bernardo is in failing health as she waits for a donor liver.

Jillian Di Bernardo is in failing health as she waits for a donor liver.

Jillian Di Bernardo’s search for a life-saving liver donor made national headlines.

The London woman’s social media plea vent viral.

Even the Ottawa Senators hockey club asked its fans to help the L28-year-old hairdresser, just like the NHL team did for its billionaire owner Eugene Melnyk last spring.

It hasn’t been enough.

Still waiting for a donor, time is running out on Di Bernardo.

A handful of friends and family members have taken a battery of tests only to find out they’re not compatible to donate part of their liver. A cousin in Sudbury also learned he isn’t a match.

Now, her health rapidly deteriorated, Di Bernardo weighs just 50 kilograms and has to have her swollen abdominal cavity drained weekly.

Click here to read more.


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