Update: Going for a (Kidney) Walk

One thousand five hundred and fifteen dollars! Or, in numeric figures: $1,515! Wow! That’s how much has been donated to the Kidney Foundation of Canada through sponsoring me for the Kidney Walk. Thank you so very much. I had set a clearly much-too-modest goal of $300, of which I would personally contribute $100. Well, I kicked in my part, but you responded at a much greater level than I imagined. In fact, so far my low-key fundraising campaign has brought in more money than any other participant in the London Kidney Walk.

Having said that, let me remind readers of this blog that there are less than two weeks until September 27. So, if you would still like to make a donation to the Foundation through me, there’s still time, but the day of the walk is fast approaching.

Here once again is the link to the donation page.

Far be it from me to discourage people from going to church, but if you are in the London, Ontario area, and otherwise unoccupied on the morning of Sunday, September 27, why don’t you join me on the walk at Gibbons Park? The walk begins at 11:15 am, and is relatively modest 5 km.

Thanks again for the financial support for this walk as well as the daily support I get from you in myriad ways.

Russ Sawatsky



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