The Waiting is Over…For Now

Thanks for all your words of support and prayers on my behalf. I just got the news today that the Living Donor Paired Exchange (LDPE) program did not come up with a match for me this time. Assuming we remain eligible, both I and my incompatible donor will be part of the matching run during the next quarter.

There are two other alternatives:

1. Someone who is compatible with me could step forward and offer to donate a kidney directly to me.

2. A deceased donor could be a match for me. I remain on the deceased donor waiting list even while the LDPE program continues to try to make a match for me and all the others who are in need of a kidney transplant.

In the meantime, I continue with nightly peritoneal dialysis, which is hardly the worst thing in the world….

Might I suggest that, if you haven’t done so already, please sign up as an organ and tissue donor according to the protocols in your particular province. In Ontario, go to to register or confirm your status. Don’t assume that something you did when you last updated your driver’s licence is still valid. Almost all provinces have moved to an online registration system. It only takes two minutes to register.


2 thoughts on “The Waiting is Over…For Now

  1. All The Day The Lord Has Made

    Good luck to u. We are waiting for our son to reach the magical 22lbs to get listed. He just turned ONE! Patience ♡ Stay positive.



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