Offerings: Donating a kidney just part of living one’s faith

Carol Penner with her husband Eugene

Carol Penner with her husband Eugene

This is a repost of an Edmonton Journal article by Carol Penner, who donated a kidney as an undesignated donor.

Offerings: Donating a kidney just part of living one’s faith

In 2012 I donated a kidney to a stranger. I never met them, I still don’t know who they are. My donation allowed a chain of donations to happen; four people got life-saving transplants that day.

An important part of my motivation to donate came from my Christian faith. Jesus modelled a life that was filled with giving. I was brought up in a Mennonite congregation, taught that faith in God wasn’t just something you believed, it was something you had to live out in your day-to-day life.

When I told people that I was going to donate a kidney, some of them responded by saying, “God is calling you to do that.” I do think God had a lot to do with it, but I reject the idea of “call” because it sounds like it was a specific voice just for me.

Every year hundreds of people die in Canada waiting for a kidney. I believe God’s voice is always there calling us to be a good Samaritan to the stranger who is dying. It’s just that I found myself in a place where suddenly I could hear God’s voice more clearly. What nudged me in that direction? There were three separate nudges.

The first thing was that my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer….

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Carol Penner blogged about her experience as an undesignated or anonymous kidney donor, you can see it here: She is a pastor at Lendrum Mennonite Brethren Church in Edmonton.


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