A Day Off – Revisited

I need to get one of these shirts.

I need to get one of these shirts.

Hey, more good news. Yesterday I got another one of those magical phone calls from the Peritoneal Dialysis Clinic. Evidently, I’m doing well enough on dialysis and my residual kidney function that I can now take one day off from dialysis every week, as opposed to the once-every-two-weeks regimen that I was on for the last six weeks. The toxins that build up in my body are making their way out, as they should. My wife suggested that perhaps the dialysis is relieving the stress on my kidneys sufficiently that they are functioning better than they did before dialysis. I don’t think it works that way, unfortunately, but another day off is good news.

In some sadder news, my Uncle George (uncle by marriage, so our mutual kidney problems were not inherited) was laid to rest on Tuesday in Winnipeg. He was 88 years old, so he lived a full life. It hit a bit close to home, though, because in his last weeks, he was on hemodialysis. Unfortunately for him, he experienced severe pain every time he underwent treatment. The alternative chosen was conservative care, letting nature take its course. Now he rests in peace in the presence of his Lord. Goodbye, Uncle George. You were a treasure.


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