The joys of being hooked up to a machine for 10hours a night…

Check out Ashley Abbott’s blog. She’s a 26-year-old woman who has just started peritoneal dialysis, after dealing with kidney disease since she was 12.

Ashley M Abbott

Well hello good friends! Happy New Years to everyone!

So for this post I thought I should explain (or try to explain) how dialysis actually works. Or maybe I should explain the process? Oh goodness I don’t know again, but I will try.

So I should start off by saying, dialysis has a few components. I have a machine (his name is Clarence) He sits on a rolling cart next to my bed. I have bleach that I have to soak my catheter in so it’s clean before connecting to the machine. I have to wear a mask, because if I even breathe on my catheter when it is open I could get an infection. So I gather all my supplies. Two 5000ml of solution. a total of 7300ml gets used through out the night. It gets filled into my peritoneal cavity and drained out 6 times through out the…

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