This dialysis thing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

I’m not sure if I can blame the fact that I’m tethered to a machine whirring away beside me all night long, but I haven’t had a consistently good night of sleep in a while. Last night was miserable. I couldn’t sleep. I’d look over at the machine beside me and see “Dwell 1 of 6,” then “2 of 6,” “3 of 6,” and finally “4 of 6” before the need for sleep finally overwhelmed me and the next thing I knew the machine read “therapy complete.” I guess I’d finally slept through the fifth and sixth cycles.

Since I’m a bit on the sleepy side still, instead of an attempt at something profound, or technical or factual, here’s a bit of humour I found online…


PD tends to lower your potassium levels, which can mess with the function of your heart. In other words, eat more bananas.


Dialysis, clearly an alien procedure, but lifesaving, sort of like that guy in Marvel’s Agents of Shield, right?


For most of us, this situation does not apply.

organ donation

When Jon Lord, keyboards player for Deep Purple, died, he offered to donate his organs. I think he was misunderstood….



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