Living Kidney Donation

Generally speaking, a person on dialysis may have to wait several years in order to receive a kidney from a so-called “cadaver” donor. Compatibility is important, of course, as is the health of the donor kidneys from the deceased person.

Another option is living kidney donation from someone who would donate directly to me. Before I say anything further about that, I want to be clear that kidney donors are very carefully screened for not just compatibility, but for their own health and also for any of the ethical considerations related to kidney donation. Donations offered for reasons of guilt, coercion, or even bribery are ruled out. Having said that, in God’s infinite wisdom, we each have two kidneys and most of us can thrive quite well on one, so live donation is a possibility.

If this is of any interest, for a personal take on donation I would suggest you read Carol Penner’s blog, An Undesignated Donor, in which she describes her journey to donating a kidney to someone she doesn’t know.

If you want to explore this further, you can also check out more detailed information at the website for the London Health Sciences Centre’s Living Kidney Donation program here:


2 thoughts on “Living Kidney Donation

  1. Lynell Bergen

    Hey Russ. Can you give a bit more information about what makes a person qualified. Things like age, health, blood type, etc. Blessings on your journey.



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